About me


I am a statistician with a flair for programming and a self-driven creative urge. I am a Ph.D. in (bio)statistics and a master in applied mathematics specializing in statistics. Both degrees were obtained through an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University, and the Hematological Department, Aalborg University Hospital.


Visualisering af et gen-netværk

In short, my PhD project consisted of a number of methods in high-dimensional statistics on reproducibility and data integration with applications in molecular cancer biology. In my work, I worked using the following methods:

After a short post-doc appointment, I was employed by Novo Nordisk, where for about 4 years I dealt with more traditional statistical problems.

Finally, I am now currently employed at Seluxit in the position of senior data scientist where I use a very broad repertoire of data science techniques, statistical models, and software.

Profile, CV and scientific work



My profile is best described on LinkedIn where you are welcome to contact me. You can view a list of my scientific publications through Google Scholar. An in-depth CV can be sent on demand.

I am also active as far as possible on StackOverflow, GitHub and my blog here on the site.

In addition, I have taught both privately and at university, as well as giving many lectures and presentations. Should you have a desire for a course or presentation on R, statistics, or data science you are also very welcome to contact me.